HSE considering “fee for fault” strategy

Conservative Minister Chris Grayling told Parliament that he is “considering HSE’s proposals for delivering a renewed and effective health and safety regulatory service”.

This followed announcement of a 35% reduction in HSE’s funding, and the recommendations made by Lord Young. Grayling indicated that the intention is to concentrate on higher risk businesses and to recover the costs arising from reviewing or advising on those activities. In addition, where there has been an intervention due to an employer’s failure, this may result in a financial penalty outside of the court system. For example, where some sort of enforcement action has taken place such as issue of a Prohibition Notice, a penalty charge may be levied.

Mr Grayling also explained that HSE will conduct a formal consultation on any proposals to amend the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR). This will involve an impact assessment to consider the costs and benefits of any proposed change.

However, given Lord Young’s stated view on the matter it is now inevitable that RIDDOR will be amended to relax the reporting requirements.

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