How many firemen does it take to recue a cat?

Around 20, if the response of Suffolk Fire Services to an incident last month is anything to go by. When Teresa Saunders spotted the stranded feline on a roof in Roberts Road, Leiston, she wasn’t expecting five fire crews to be mobilised. Suffolk County Council said the response was in accordance with national guidelines and “work at height” procedures. This included sending a turntable ladder from Bury St Edmunds, 60 miles away, with two crews, a team from Felixstowe and another from Bungay. However, after a local fire fighter climbed a ladder and collected the cat, the reinforcements were stood down. A spokesman said “If a cat is stuck on a roof, there is a chance the owner could get distressed and try to rescue it themselves and we would end up having to rescue them too. It strengthens our case that we need more people to make sure we have enough cover to cope with the demands of the service.”

For the record, the cat was a tortoiseshell tabby, which ran off as soon as they got it down.

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