Lack of risk assessment gives harsh lesson for private school

Kimbolton School, an independent school near Huntingdon, pleaded guilty to breaching the Work at Height Regulations 2006 after a swimming pool attendant fell from a loft space to the changing rooms below. Huntingdon Magistrates ordered a fine of £6,000 and costs of £2,276.40. The Health and Safety Executive discovered that the school had not carried out a risk assessment for the task, which involved Stacey Paine, aged 19, and the pool manager accessing the loft to retrieve paperwork. This required walking along a narrow beam in the unboarded loft, but Stacey slipped through and fell a distance of 2.5 metres and broke her wrist on the solid floor.

HSE Inspector Stephen Faulkner commented that the paperwork could have been stored somewhere easier to reach and a risk assessment would have identified this.

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