Changes to methods of reporting injuries

Over three-day reportable injuries as defined in the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) will no longer be able to be notified via the telephone from 12 September 2011. The telephone method will still be available to notify fatal and major incidents and injuries, but all other reportable workrelated injuries and incidents under RIDDOR will have to be advised to HSE online.

There will be a suite of seven forms available on HSE’s website, and these are in the table below. The new procedure is supposed to speed up incident reporting and also assists HSE in reducing the administrative cost of paying for telephone lines to be staffed. As mentioned in the last edition of PHSC News, the duty to report “over-three day” injuries is likely to change to “over-seven days” later this year.

F2508 Report of an injury
F2508 Report of a Dangerous Occurrence
F2508A Report of a Case of Disease
OIR9B Report of an Injury Offshore
OIR9B Report of a Dangerous Occurrence Offshore
F2508G1 Report of a Flammable Gas Incident
F2508G2 Report of a Dangerous Gas Fitting

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