Professor Löfstedt’s review of health and safety

Professor Löfstedt was asked to continue the work originally started by Lord Young, who was given a brief of introducing more common sense approach to health and safety.

Löfstedt, himself a Professor of Risk Management, came up with 26 recommendations. The Government has undertaken to implement these within a given timetable and the more significant proposals are shown below:

By summer 2012:

  • Simplify the guidance for small businesses, and make this consistent from all sources.
  • Cease visiting compliant low risk businesses.

By 2013:

  • Exempt low-risk self-employed people from health and safety law.
  • Revoke regulations deemed as unnecessary.

By 2014:

  • Further simplify the accident reporting regime
  • Influence EU legislation so it is risk and evidence based.
  • Consolidate regulations by industry sector, halving the total number.

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