“Life changing event” DVD now on sale

The Royal Life Saving Society UK, in association with PHSC plc company Quality Leisure Management (QLM), have released a DVD entitled “Life changing event”. The film is based on a drowning and is aimed at training lifeguards and their managers but there are many parallels that apply to any organisation. The key message is that everyone meant well and nobody wanted the incident to happen, but complacency cost a life and changed everyone’s life, not just the bereaved family.

The DVD shows how a typical courtroom scene in a criminal prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 would be conducted. The aim is not to be totally precise on courtroom protocols but to show the impact on everyone involved. Please contact QLM on (tel) 01451 861084 if you’d like to discuss how it might be used in your own training programme.

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