Insured Advice

As an enhancement to the Appointed Safety Advisor (ASA) service offered by several PHSC plc Group companies, subscribers will have the comfort of knowing they are getting insured advice. In other words, if you incur legal costs as a result of following what we have advised you to do, you could reclaim those costs under the policy.

This new arrangement applies straight away to any ASA client who subscribes for at least three days of support per year, and who is up to date with invoice payments. There are some terms and conditions imposed by the insurers and these will be notified to subscribers in due course. The formal wording of the new cover, which does not attract any increase in the fees paid, is: “The Policyholder has an agreement with DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Company for Health and Safety, Environmental Consultancy and Training and Personnel Related Services in respect of Legal Costs and Expenses incurred by the Client in the normal course of the Client’s business.”

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