This risk assessment seems more than a bit picky…

News comes to us that Macdonald Portal Golf and Spa Hotel in Cheshire has an interesting perspective on risk assessment.

John Freeman had finished dining there with his wife, when he asked the waiter to please get him a toothpick. However, the waiter immediately refused the request on the grounds of health and safety – toothpicks were sharp! Undaunted, and with the bit between his teeth (well, something was in between them…) Mr Freeman demanded to see the manager. Although she said that it may appear somewhat odd, she had to comply with an instruction from head office not to provide toothpicks because they are potentially dangerous and “there’s a law against it.”Mr Freemen happened to mention the numerous metal forks and knives on the table that had been unsupervised all the time, but to no avail.

A local dentist thought that perhaps the ban was to stop diners flicking out a crown and injuring themselves or others and trying to blame the hotel. He went on to say “perhaps the restaurants should keep a roll of dental floss available – I don’t think you can injure yourself with floss.”

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