New standard for first-aid kits in cars

The British Standards Institution has, for the first time, published a UK standard for the provision of first-aid kits in all types of road-going vehicle. With a reported 185,000 road casualties in the UK over the past year, the standard aims to ensure vehicles have the most appropriate supplies to enable a first response to roadside injuries. It specifies requirements for the compilation of first-aid items in three sizes of kits – small, medium and large.

Kit selection is based on the number of passengers and the vehicle type, ie a small kit for up to three passengers, medium for up to eight passengers, and a large kit for up to 16 passengers. In vehicles such as coaches with more than 16 people on board, two large kits are required. The standard explains that kits may contain other items where identified during a risk assessment, eg to deal with hazards that are specific to a particular situation, such as the use of hydrofluoric acid. Requirements are also given for the first-aid container itself.

BS 8599-2:2014 Specification for the contents of motor vehicle first aid kits is available from BSI Sales at £86 (or through PHSC at a discounted rate).

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