Heartless charity bans decorations

The Christmas decorations are now well and truly packed up and back into storage for another year, but those at the British Heart Foundation’s charity shops didn’t see the light of day over the festive period. As discovered by a Darlington pensioner, Vivienne Hall, there was a distinct lack of decorations at the charity’s shops in her town. Vivienne decided to call the area manager and was advised that apparently the charity’s head office had instructed all the shops not to put up any decorations for “health and safety reasons”.

When contacted by a journalist from the Northern Echo, a spokesperson for the British Heart Foundation declined to answer specific questions as to what prompted the health and safety concerns and how this relates to Christmas decorations. In addition, the deputy retail director for the charity suggested that a real festive feel was generated by the cards, Christmas gifts, toys and party outfits available for sale.

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