Daffs off the menu

Public Health England has warned supermarkets to ensure daffodil bulbs and cut bunches are kept far away from fruit and vegetable display areas, to “produce a separation in shoppers’ minds that will help to stop them thinking daffodils are edible.” Yes – really!

It is understood that an average of ten people a year are made ill by the consequences of such confusion, several of whom required admittance to hospital. The National Poisons Information Service gets calls too.

It seems to be all too easy for some folk to confuse the flowers and bulbs with spring chives and onions. Former Home Secretary Ann Widdecombe questioned the issuing of new advice, pointing out that when the country is supposed to be adopting austerity measures, the Government could save costs by stopping “this sort of rubbish”. Ann went on to say “Do they honestly think the public doesn’t have any common sense?”

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