Councils 2, Lollipop Men 0

Dubious interpretation of health and safety rules have led to two councils clamping down on the activities of lollipop men. At Shenfield, Essex, lollipop man Ron Warwick has been ordered not to leave the pavement as he tries to assist pupils at a set of traffic lights outside St Mary’s Primary School.The decision was taken after bureaucrats decided that he would not have enough time to get out of the road when the lights change.

He has relinquished his lollipop and is restricted to operating the crossing by pushing the button on the lights. Parents are baffled by this decision.

Not to be outdone, East Sussex County Council got into the Christmas spirit by instructing lollipop man Paul Clevett to remove his festive hat while on patrol. The hat was said to be a distraction to motorists as they passed Forest Row Primary School. Council spokesman Rupert Clubb said: “What we are talking about here is the safety of children. It’s really important that drivers are not distracted and that our crossing patrols are wearing the right equipment, the right clothes, are very visible and can’t cause distractions.”

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